Laser Bahia 099 Little Used Full Loaded Laser Bahia sail number 099 Great family boat - lightly used, unused for the past 3 years, stored in barn. Owned since new Complete with Dacron Main, Jib and Gennaker, top cover. Loads of optiona... read more
Fleet deals from sailboats.co.uk Feel deals NOW available from sailboats.co.uk Please contact us for fleet deals on Laser's and Pico's Fleets deals on; (quantity of boats purchased) 3-6 7-12 12+ Boats purchase... read more
Glide Free Foiling Laser Glide Free Foiling Laser wins major international award, Yachts & Yachting, 2014 'Dinghy of the Year' !! NOW exclusively at www.sailboats.co.uk How foils work Foils deflect t... read more
Fancy a new Laser but can't afford it? Inspired by the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in a fetching shade of bright blue and delivered for the 1997 season, this boat has been used about ten times, only in fresh water and has never been dragged up a... read more
2011 built Laser. Hull in true very, very good condition. Choice of brand new radial or 4.7 sail still in plastic wrapper,class legal; one rig with the boat. Brand new top section, trolley, top cover ... read more
 SB20 Great Boat, Amazing Price Blue Hull, Very good condition. Owned from new 2006. Extra photos availible just ask for a link if the photo bucket link does not work. Based in Hampshire( willing to deliver to Europe for cost... read more
2011 built Lasers, 200000 number very good quality for the competitive sailor 2011 built Lasers, number 200000 and early 201000 number boats. Hulls in true very good condition. Brand new sail still in plastic wrapper, rig size of your choice, all sails are class legal. . Brand ... read more
Laser 200834 Laser built in 2011. Standard rig. Hull in true very good condition. Class-legal, secondhand sail – standard; good enough to be competitive at open meetings. Brand new top co... read more
laser standard No.178682 Standard Laser, launch trolley, uper cover. Very good condition & ready to sail. . Optional 4.7 No.180663 Can be viewed at Weston Sailing Club(Southampton)... read more
Genuine 4.7 lower masts 4.7 class legal, genuine lower mast section lightly scratched in transit ONLY £145.00 plus shipping RRP £185.00 SAVE £40 Please contact Dan 08456435510... read more